Firechief Multi Use Car Fire Blanket (6.0m x 8.0m)

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This Multi-Use Car Fire Blanket is suitable for containing EV fires to delay the spread of fire

Firechief®’s car fire blankets are flame retardant and control any type of car fire within seconds. Suitable for use on most cars, including SUVs and off-road cars, they are manufactured from fibreglass and covered with a polymer on both sides. For safety reasons, they incorporate 6 grips for correct placement and the intervention of at least 2 people is recommended. The Firechief® car fire blanket includes a textile storage bag for easy transportation and storage. In vehicles, the fire blanket, reduces toxic waste gases and suffocates the fire as quickly as possible, preventing the fire from spreading to other vehicles, buildings, and structures.

  • Large 6x8m blanket size
  • Suitable for all cars, SUV's and manual handling equipment
  • Performs at temperatures up to 1300°C (peak)
  • High performance fibreglass and polymer construction
  • Durable textile storage bag
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