Tudor Growmore Fertiliser 7-7-7, 25kg

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A popular compound fertiliser - use as a general purpose fertiliser. Contains the three major nutrients essential for strong and healthy growth - promotes heavy crops of fruit and vegetables, balanced vigorous plants and beautiful flowers.  Also ideal to use before laying turf or sowing grass seed.

  • NPK: 7 - 7 - 7
  • Application rates:
  • Flowers: 140g/m² prior to sowing or planting.  70g/m² as a top dressing for established plants at 8 - 10 week intervals.
  • Vegetables: 200g/m² for potatoes prior to planting, 140g/m² for other vegetables.  70g/m² for all crops sprinkled evenly between the rows at 8 -10 week intervals.
  • Shrubs, fruit trees and bushes: 70-140g/m² when planting mix with infill, depending on size of plant. 140g/m² as a top dressing in spring, applied evenly over the area covered by the branch spread.
  • New Lawns: 140g/m² forked into the top 8cm of soil before sowing grass seed or laying turf.
  • 25kg bag.


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