Tudor Rose Fertiliser, 25kg

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A specially formulated fertiliser for strong roots, healthy stems and fine blooms - contains three major plant foods plus Iron and Magnesium.

  • NPK: 5 - 5 - 10
  • Application rates:
  • For established plants:  Apply 55g/m² around the base of plant in early spring.  Hoe in lightly and water if the soil is dry.  Repeat in early June prior to the second flush of blooms.
  • For new Roses: Mix 55g/m² with the bottom soil, ensuring that the hole dug is both deep and wide enough to allow the roots to spread out evenly.  The bud union should be 2.5cm below soil level when planting is completed.
  • For established beds: Apply 135g/m² in the early spring and 70g/m² in late May and early July as a top dressing.
  • 25kg bag


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