Tudor Sulphate of Iron Fertiliser, 25kg

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Water soluble plant food for lime hating plants like camellia, rhododendron and heather.  Can also be used for moss control and green-up of turf areas.

  • May stain paving and tarmac areas.
  • 25kg bag.
  • Directions for use:
    • Before planting or sowing: work into the soil at the rate of 105g/m²
    • Established shrubs and plants: apply as a top dressing during the growing season at the rate of 35g/m².  Take care not to spill onto leaves.  Lightly hoe in and water well after application.


If you would like to make up your order of 20 bags, or more, with mixed types of composts, fertilisers or mulching materials - please phone us on 02476 856 846 and we will be glad to assist.  
Turf Application Rates ha 500m² 100m²
Sulphate of Iron 25kg 1.25kg 250g
Water 900 litres 45 litres 9 litres
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