Johnsons 'J Rye Green' Grass Seed

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Top quality mix for renovating golf and bowling greens experiencing intense wear.

  • Ideal for renovation of extremely heavily worn greens.
  • Fast establishment.
  • High wear tolerance under extreme close mowing.
  • Excellent recovery.
  • Exceptional fineness of leaf.
  • High shoot density.

20kg bag.

    • Sowing rate:  25-35 g/m²
    • Overseeding rate: 10-20g/m²
    • Mowing Height: Down to 4mm
%CultivarSpeciesSTRI Rating
30%CLEMENTINEPerennial Ryegrass7.6
30% DICKENS 1Perennial Ryegrass6.9
20% CEZANNESlender Creeping Red Fescue7.7
10%MANORBrowntop Bent7.2
10%ARROWTOWNBrowntop Bent7.8
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