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  • Plifix Marking Indicator System - pk 50  White

Plifix Marking Indicator System - pk 50 White

  • Product Code: BOPLIFIX/WH/PK

A safe and effective method of achieving identifiable and permanent ground markings.

  • Polycarbonate plastic based Plifix 'carrots' with tough, coloured, UV stablised top fibres.
  • Ideal for pitch marking, hazard marking, trolley paths and safe walkways.
  • Can be mown over, safe for machinery and players.
  • Apply by hammering the applicator into the ground to the indicated depth, then remove, 'plant' a 'carrot' into the hole and backfill around the Plifix fibres with colour dolomite stone granules.
  • Kit includes:-
    • 50g white Plifix 'carrots.'
    • 5kg of white coloured granules.
    • 1 applicator.
  • Inc VAT: £237.60
  • £198.00