Bulldog Premier Long Handled Divot/Weed Fork

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Developed for the groundskeeping industry for repairing divots in playing surfaces, the long handled divot fork is fitted with a 3 prong solid forged one piece weed fork head and a long 54" Ash handle with chrome ferrule. It is also useful for reaching the back of rockeries, flower beds and borders without walking over the soil and damaging delicate plants. The longer handle means that users can work in comfort without straining the back or knees.

  • Durable carbon steel head for strength and durability
  • Originally designed for repairing divots
  • Brilliant for working the top 6" of soil
  • 54" ash handle which is perfect for reaching the back of borders and beds
  • 3 steel prongs: 5" (125mm) x 3" (75mm) wide
  • Comfortable for back and knees

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