STIHL HP Ultra 2 T Oil, 100ml one shot bottle

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A particularly environmentally friendly fully synthetic oil with exceptional lubrication properties.

Optimum self-mixing properties. The strong green colour makes it easy to see the progress of mixing. STIHL HP Ultra can be used alternately with other two-stroke engine oils (please note the manufacturers' specifications).

  • Ash free additives enable extremely low-residue combustion. Particularly low sulphur and biodegradable.
  • Ideal for continuous use in high performance engines.
  • Performance class: JASO-FB, ISO-L-EGB
  • Mix at 50:1 (100ml oil to every 5 ltr fuel)
  • 100ml 'one shot' bottle - for easy mixing: simply add 1 bottle of oil to 5ltr fuel and shake!

Ash-free wear additive package that prevents calcium and sodium sulphate ash occurring as combustion products. With synthetic esters as lubricants, the high-performance engine oil is very clean-burning. Also very environmentally-friendly, low in sulphur and biodegradable - more than 80 per cent in 21 days.

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