Tubex 'Treeguard' Mesh Tree Guards, unlined, 600mm (24inch) high, Green

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TREEGUARD mesh is a range of recycled plastic mesh tree guards to protect young trees from browsing animals (rabbits, hare, muntjac, roe, fallow and red deer). Ideal for species that do not require the sheltered environment of tree shelters, but require browsing animal protection.  Designed to pop open in years to come as trees out-grow the guard. Each shelter comes with ratchet ties to enable fixing to stakes.

  • 600mm (24”) high.
  • Nested in 4's with diameters between 80-110mm, but priced each.
  • Complete with a ratchet tie.
  • Ideal for conifers and species requiring plenty of air, or on windy sites.
  • Designed to last around 7 years.
  • Green coloured.
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