Dust Bins & Swing Top Bins

Whether it's standard plastic canteen and washroom bins, or more durable and heavy duty galvanised metal dust bins with moulded handles, we stock a range of bins that carry up to 92 litres capacity of waste product. The swing or liftable lids make them easy to dispense rubbish into as well as lift waste out of. 

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  1. Galvanised Metal Dustbin c/w lid
    24 in stock
    £43.43 £36.19
  2. Black Plastic Dustbin Lid only
    45 in stock
    £5.10 £4.25
  3. Black Plastic Dustbin - no lid - 94 ltr
    104 in stock
    £35.52 £29.60
  4. Swing Top Bin 50 ltr, White
    4 in stock
    £18.60 £15.50
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