Sheeting Pegs

Securely anchor various types of sheeting to any soil surface with our range of durable sheeting pegs. Designed for reliable pegging down, our selection of high-quality pegs provide excellent grip and stability. Whether you need to secure ground covers, weed matting or landscape fabric, these professional-grade sheeting pegs offer the necessary strength and versatility. 

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  1. Metal Sheeting Staple, 6inch x 1inch
    7660 in stock
    £0.18 £0.15
  2. Bamboo Gripper Wooden Pegs, 6inch (150mm)
    3857 in stock
    £0.10 £0.08
  3. Plastic Barbed Sheeting Peg, 6inch
    5658 in stock
    £0.26 £0.22
  4. Tri-Pegs
    28 in stock
    £0.96 £0.80
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