Lifebuoy Rings & Housing

With a concise and comprehensive selection of lifebuoy rings, floating lines, housing steel posts and housing cabinets available in various sizes, you can be sure that you'll find something at Tudor to support your water safety needs. Brightly coloured with vivid strips, these lifesaving solutions are highly visible when working near open water. 

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  1. Lifebuoy Hook
    9 in stock
    £14.76 £12.30
  2. Floating Line, 30m
    19 in stock
    £14.76 £12.30
  3. Lifebuoy Ring, 24inch, Small
    13 in stock
    £46.27 £38.56
  4. Lifebuoy Ring, 30inch, Large
    20 in stock
    £52.26 £43.55
  5. Lifebuoy Housing Steel Post - Concrete In, 2m Overall Inc. below ground
    Direct Delivery Item
    £99.58 £82.98
  6. Lifebuoy Housing Steel Post - Bolt Down, 1.5m High, with 200mm Sq Baseplate
    Direct Delivery Item
    £99.58 £82.98
  7. Lifebuoy Housing Cabinet
    Direct Delivery Item
    £322.68 £268.90
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