Domestic Weedkillers

Browse our range of weedkillers. Discover a variety of formulations, from fast-acting sprays to long-lasting concentrates, each uniquely suited to combat weeds in different scenarios. Our selection of professional weedkillers are formulated to penetrate deep into the roots, delivering lasting results that prevent weed resurgence.

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  1. Weedol Rootkill Plus Concentrate Weedkiller - 500ml
    12 in stock
    £19.98 £16.65
  2. Weedol Verdone Selective Lawn Weedkiller, 500ml
    39 in stock
    £19.50 £16.25
  3. SBK Brushwood Killer, Total Weedkiller, 1 ltr Bottle
    73 in stock
    £30.98 £25.82
  4. Gallup Home & Garden 1 ltr
    108 in stock
    £26.34 £21.95
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