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From its very creation, Wonder Grip implemented a health, safety and environment quality management system (HSEQ) This system has enabled us to obtain triple certification based on the requirements set forth in the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 (ex OHSAS 18001) standards. Wonder Grip is also renowned for:

  • top quality products 
  • respect for the environment
  • the health, safety and well-being of its employees
  • All these gloves are OEKO-TEX® certified. In accordance with REACH regulations, we guarantee that all our products are and will remain devoid of any ‘Substances of Very High Concern’ (SVHC).

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  1. Wonder Grip WG-338 Thermo Plus Glove - Water and Cold Resistant
    In stock
    As low as £9.13 £7.61
  2. Wonder Grip WG-538 Freeze Flex Plus Glove - Oil & Cold Resistant
    In stock
    As low as £11.06 £9.22
  3. Wonder Grip WG-333 Rock & Stone - Special Heavy Work
    In stock
    As low as £5.35 £4.46
  4. Wonder Grip WG-318 Aqua - Water Resistant
    In stock
    As low as £5.75 £4.79
  5. Wonder Grip WG-518W Oil Plus - Oil Resistant
    In stock
    As low as £6.67 £5.56
  6. Wonder Grip WG-555 Duo - Exceptional Flexibility
    In stock
    As low as £6.49 £5.41
  7. Wonder Grip WG-1855HY U-Feel - Expert Choice for Multi-Task
    In stock
    As low as £5.17 £4.31
  8. Wonder Grip WG-640 Lite Cut 3 - Cut Resistant
    In stock
    As low as £8.23 £6.86
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