Windbreak & Anti-Bird Netting

Browse our range of windbreak and anti-bird netting. Windbreak netting offers robust protection, reducing wind damage to plants and structures, while anti-bird netting acts as a reliable barrier, preventing birds from accessing vulnerable areas. With their durable construction and easy installation, our selection of professional-grade nettings provide effective solutions for creating safe and secure outdoor environments.

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  1. Shade & Windbreak Netting, 1½m x 50m
    16 in stock
    £97.80 £81.50
  2. Shade & Windbreak Netting, 1m x 50m
    4 in stock
    £64.20 £53.50
  3. Anti-Bird Netting, 8m wide, per metre
    392 in stock
    £5.94 £4.95
  4. Anti-Bird Netting, 8m wide x 100m roll
    3 in stock
    £240.64 £200.53
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