Workbench Clamps & Vices

Utilise our range of heavy duty worktop clamps to firmly secure objects and keep them in place within your workshop or garage. These versatile bench vices not only serve to hold objects in place but can also work to join worktops, eliminating the need for surface-mounted strips. Workbench clamps play a crucial role in ensuring the security of objects during both precision and more robust processes in workshop settings, offering stability for tasks requiring focused attention like paintwork or wiring. Browse our collection of workbench vices with numerous applications, from metal working to carpentry.

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  1. Sealey 200mm Fixed Base Vice
    4 in stock
    £153.62 £128.02
  2. Sealey Sash Clamp, 1200mm
    Direct Delivery Item
    £33.26 £27.72
  3. Sealey Quick Bar Clamp, 300mm
    4 in stock
    £33.94 £28.28
  4. Sealey G-Clamp, 200mm
    10 in stock
    £21.40 £17.83
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