Carpentry Saws & Wrecker Bars

Browse our range of carpentry saws and wrecker bars to effortlessly tackle any project. Whether you need them for general purpose cutting or precision joinery, our carpentry saws are made by leading brands and crafted to be versatile and durable.

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  1. S&J Universal Hardpoint Hand Saw 22inch
    218 in stock
    £15.30 £12.75
  2. Roughneck Gorilla 2 Piece Wrecking Bar Set, 14inch and 24inch
    5 in stock
    £28.74 £23.95
  3. Tudor Wrecker Bar, 36inch
    12 in stock
    £15.55 £12.96
  4. Tudor Wrecker Bar, 24inch
    17 in stock
    £10.64 £8.87
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