Garden Hoes & Cultivators

Having the right tools, like garden hoes and cultivators, is important for keeping beds and borders tidy. These tools boast a rich history of diverse applications. Garden hoes are traditional hand tools used for a long time, and they're good for shaping soil, getting rid of weeds and harvesting root crops. Even though they've been around for a while, garden hoes are one of our top selling tools and still very much in use, with many options available to suit different needs. From premium grade hoes for removing weeds and loosening soil to cultivators designed to scratch up soil around plants, our collection has all your grounds maintenance needs covered.

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  1. Tudor Dutch Hoe 48inch Metal Handle
    11 in stock
    £15.82 £13.18
  2. Tudor Dutch Hoe, 5inch
    167 in stock
    £18.84 £15.70
  3. Tudor Draw Hoe, Ash Handle - 54inch
    49 in stock
    £20.88 £17.40
  4. Tudor 3-Prong Cultivator
    43 in stock
    £23.27 £19.39
  5. Tudor Heavy Duty Forged Push Hoe, 5inch
    21 in stock
    £27.54 £22.95
  6. Wilkinson Sword Stainless Steel Swoe Style Hoe
    25 in stock
    £28.55 £23.79
  7. Chillington Heavy Duty Trenching Hoe
    23 in stock
    £28.56 £23.80
  8. Bulldog Premier Dutch Hoe, 4inch
    37 in stock
    £28.92 £24.10
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