Brass Taps & Tap Fittings

From double-check valves to brass bib taps and 3-way threaded brass connectors, you'll find a whole host of different Brass Snap Couplings and Brass Quick Connectors to suite whatever size irrigation project you might have at hand. All our brass taps and tap fittings are durable as to be user-friendly and avoid rusting. 

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  1. Double Check Valve c/w 2 x F¾ threads
    Out of stock
    £61.94 £51.62
  2. ½inch Brass Bib Tap
    6 in stock
    £56.33 £46.94
  3. 3-Way Tap Brass Threaded Connector
    2 in stock
    £49.58 £41.32
  4. 2-Way Tap Brass Threaded Connector
    3 in stock
    £29.27 £24.39
  5. Brass Hose Tail with Female Thread, choice of 3 sizes
    In stock
    As low as £4.16 £3.47
  6. Brass Hose Tail with Male Thread, choice of 2 sizes
    In stock
    As low as £6.46 £5.38
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