Garden Waste Bags

Our range of pop-up garden waste bags are ideal for short-term, temporary solutions, such as during grounds maintenance when collecting prunings, grass cuttings, and leaves. They are also suitable for smaller garden maintenance situations, such as garden events or flower shows. Our garden waste bags are easily portable, lightweight and lie flat, making them easy to store when not in use.

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  2. Tudor Polypropylene Garden Bulk Bag. 0.12m³
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Can green waste go in black bags?

No, it's not recommended to put garden waste in plastic black bags. It's best to use strong, durable bags specifically designed for garden waste to avoid tearing. Specialist garden waste bags are less likely to tear and can be reused multiple times, ensuring a more sustainable approach to garden waste disposal.

Can you put green waste in skips?

Yes, you can put garden waste in skips. Garden waste typically includes soil, leaves, plants, branches and grass clippings, all of which can be disposed of via a skip. Soil is screened and recycled as topsoil or engineering material, while green waste is taken to a composting facility where it is mulched and composted.

Can green waste bags be used in all weather conditions?

Yes, green waste bags can typically be used in various weather conditions. These bags are designed to withstand outdoor elements and are often made from durable materials that resist tearing and degradation. Just make sure to securely close the garden waste bags to keep water out, especially during heavy rain. You can also store them in a sheltered area or cover them with a tarp for extra protection.

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