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From basic part circle sprinkler heads, to rotoframe and adjustable brass sprinkler heads, you'll find a sprinkler head to fit your sprinkler stand and complete your sprinkler kit. All our sprinkler heads are top quality and are great for irrigating large turf areas, offering up to 30m coverage depending on water pressure. 

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  1. Rotoframe Sprinkler Head
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  2. NaanDan Basic Part Circle Sprinkler
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  3. Adjustable Brass Sprinkler Head
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  4. Premium Brass Sprinkler Head - full circle
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  5. Premium Brass Sprinkler Head - adjustable
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    £89.54 £74.62
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What are the different types of sprinkler head?

Sprinkler heads come in two main categories: rotor heads and spray heads. Rotor heads rotate while spraying, covering larger areas, while spray heads remain stationary, suitable for tighter spots. Rotor heads include pop-up heads, which rise from the ground when activated, providing discreet watering, and multiple stream heads, which emit multiple rotating streams, ideal for slopes or uneven terrain. Spray heads encompass bubbler heads, which slowly flood the ground to nurture deep root systems in new plantings.

What type of sprinkler head is most efficient?

Generally, rotary or rotor heads are considered more efficient for covering large areas with water, while spray heads are better suited for smaller, more targeted areas. However, the efficiency of any sprinkler head also depends on factors such as water pressure and nozzle design.

Are sprinkler heads universal?

Sprinkler heads are not universally compatible across all brands and models. While some may be interchangeable or adaptable, it's important to ensure compatibility between the sprinkler heads and the irrigation system you're using. It's recommended to use sprinkler heads from the same manufacturer or to check compatibility specifications before making any replacements or installations.

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