Weed Removers & Replacement Brushes

We stock a range of excellent machines for chemical-free moss removal from block paving, tarmac, concrete and sone paving slabs. With fold down handles they're easy to transport. We also stock a range of weed rippers, ideal for removing overgrown weeds, moss and grass from hard surfaces with a head that spins both clockwise and anti-clockwise. 

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  1. Westermann WKB660 Weed Ripper
    Direct Delivery Item
    £2,380.37 £1,983.64
  2. Westermann WR870 Honda Moss Brush - GXV160 Engine
    1 in stock
    £2,166.20 £1,805.17
  3. Westermann WKB330 Weed Ripper with Battery Engine
    Direct Delivery Item
    £1,652.18 £1,376.82
  4. Westermann WKB330 Weed Ripper with Petrol Engine
    Direct Delivery Item
    £1,193.24 £994.37
  5. Replacement Brush Head for Westermann Moss Brush, pack of 2
    2 in stock
    £347.04 £289.20
  6. Replacement Brush Set for Westermann Weed Ripper, Set of 12
    20 in stock
    £52.09 £43.41
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