Sharps Handling Equipment

Products for handling sharps are crucial when it comes to litter picking or managing waste, prioritising safety while allowing you to maintain a clean and hazard-free environment. Our selection of sharps handling equipment ranges from spill kits and sharps boxes to protective gloves and ergonomic litter pickers. Necessary for the secure and hygienic handling of sharp objects such as needles, blades and broken glass, browse our full range of sharps handling equipment.

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  1. Sharps & Body Fluid Spill Kit
    3 in stock
    £22.51 £18.76
  2. Sharpsguard Sharps Box, 3.75 ltr
    226 in stock
    £4.84 £4.03
  3. Sharpsguard Sharps Box, 22 ltr
    99 in stock
    £15.38 £12.82
  4. Sharpsguard Sharps Box, 0.5 ltr
    591 in stock
    £3.62 £3.02
  5. Arbortec AT2020 Xscape Cut Protection Gloves with extended cuffs
    In stock
    As low as £12.42 £10.35
  6. Hexarmor Sharpsmaster II Gloves
    In stock
    As low as £64.28 £53.57
  7. Vulture Ballistic Cargo Trouser - Navy
    In stock
    As low as £35.70 £29.75
  8. Vulture Ballistic Cargo Trouser - Hi Vis Orange
    In stock
    As low as £43.80 £36.50
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