Cyclone Spreaders

At Tudor you'll find both contactor and professional turf spreaders from leading brands like Chapin. These turf care solutions are competitively priced, heavy-duty and perfect for spreading grass seed and turf fertilisers. Their stainless steel gate linkage and adjustable rotary gate make them suited for spreading a broad range of product and controlling of spread pattern.

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  1. Chapin 82050C Contractor Turf Spreader - 30kg
    37 in stock
    £250.80 £209.00
  2. Chapin 8301C Contractor Turf Spreader - 36kg
    58 in stock
    £258.00 £215.00
  3. Chapin 8401C Professional Turf Spreader - 36kg
    63 in stock
    £431.10 £359.25
  4. Chapin 8901A Professional Landscaper Spreader - 22kg
    23 in stock
    £558.90 £465.75
  5. Chapin 8400C Professional Turf Spreader - 45kg
    42 in stock
    £474.30 £395.25
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