Safety Harnesses & Fall Arrest Kits

Our safety harnesses and fall arrest kits provide maximum protection for workers who are exposed to fall hazards. Made from high-quality materials, our safety harnesses are durable and comfortable, so workers can perform tasks with confidence and ease. Our fall arrest kits are easy to use and provide reliable protection, ensuring that workers are safe at all times. 

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  1. Portwest FP62 - Fall Arrest Kit
    8 in stock
    £68.52 £57.10
  2. Portwest FP64 - Scaffolding Kit
    3 in stock
    £108.60 £90.50
  3. Portwest FP42 Retractable Fall Arrest Block, 6m
    Out of stock
    £245.52 £204.60
  4. Portwest FP41 Retractable Fall Arrest Block, 10m
    Out of stock
    £286.80 £239.00
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