Safety Harnesses & Fall Arrest Kits

Our safety harnesses and fall arrest kits provide maximum protection for workers who are exposed to fall hazards. Made from high-quality materials, our safety harnesses are durable and comfortable, so workers can perform tasks with confidence and ease. Our fall arrest kits are easy to use and provide reliable protection, ensuring that workers are safe at all times. 

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  1. Portwest FP62 - Fall Arrest Kit
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  2. Portwest FP64 - Scaffolding Kit
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  3. Portwest FP42 Retractable Fall Arrest Block, 6m
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  4. Portwest FP41 Retractable Fall Arrest Block, 10m
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What are the safety requirements when using harnesses?

When using harnesses for safety, it's important to remember a few key guidelines. First, understand how safety harnesses work to distribute force evenly during falls, protecting vital body areas and maintaining the spine in a vertical position. Before using a harness, check and adjust it properly to ensure it fits well and inspect it visually for any signs of damage such as twisted straps or frayed material. Never use a damaged harness as it may fail to protect during falls. When wearing a safety harness, follow the proper guidelines for usage to ensure its effectiveness. Finally, store harnesses properly to maintain their longevity.

Is a safety harness mandatory?

A safety harness is crucial for working at heights to prevent falls and minimise the risk of injury or fatality. It's essential when using fall arrest or restraint lanyards to catch falls or prevent them altogether. Even in situations with a low risk of falling, wearing a safety harness is necessary as even small falls can result in serious injuries. Legally, safety harnesses are required in workplaces where there's an unprotected edge with a potential fall of 6ft or higher.

What is the maximum free fall distance for a safety harness?

The maximum free fall distance for a safety harness, as per OSHA standards, should not exceed 6 feet. This distance is measured from the point of free fall initiation until the fall arrest system begins to apply force to slow down or arrest the fall. The actual free fall distance depends on factors such as the length of the lanyard and the location of the attachment point.

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