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We provide HSE First Aid Accident Books, designed to provide comprehensive documentation of incidents in a concise and organised manner. These accident report books offer a systematic approach to recording accidents, ensuring accurate and efficient reporting. These are ideal accident books for schools to ensure safety of children, construction sites where heavy machinery is used, and more.

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Are accident books a legal requirement?

All workplaces have a duty to document accidents and injuries. Workplaces with more than 10 employees are legally required to maintain an accident book. The accident book serves as a crucial document for both employers and employees, as they are obliged by law to record and report specific work-related injuries and incidents. Employers must retain the accident book for three years after its completion to comply with legal requirements.

Does every workplace have to have an accident book?

Not every workplace is legally obliged to have an accident book, although most are. Very small companies, those with less than 10 employees, do not need to maintain one by law. However, it is still recommended in order to ensure the health and safety of employees.

What information needs to be recorded in an accident book?

In an accident book, you should record detailed information about accidents, including contact details, date, time and location. Describe the injury, circumstances of the accident, actions taken and provide supporting evidence like CCTV footage or photographs.

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