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Browse our range of functional yet decorative bark chips, tailored to meet the needs of garden and grounds maintenance professionals. These natural, long-lasting chips provide an attractive and functional ground cover solution. With their superior durability and aesthetic appeal, our bark chips effortlessly enhance landscapes while effectively suppressing weeds. Plus, if you are looking to bulk buy 20 bags or more, with mixed types of bark chippings, composts, fertilisers or mulching materials, then call us on 02476 856 846 and we will be glad to assist.

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What do you use bark chips for?

Bark chips are used for many things in gardens and outdoor spaces. They make garden beds look inviting, create safe surfaces for play areas and help prevent erosion. You can use them to cover pathways, decorate plant pots and keep soil moist in hanging baskets. Bark chips also help to suppress weeds, provide a habitat for wildlife and stabilise soil on slopes.

Do you need to put anything under bark chippings?

Yes, it's advisable to put a weed control membrane under bark chippings before laying them. This helps prevent weed growth by acting as a barrier. Additionally, it provides a separation between the soil and the bark chippings, helping to maintain a neater and more effective mulching layer. The membrane allows water to pass through to the soil while still inhibiting weed growth.

How long do bark chippings last?

Bark chippings typically last 2 to 4 years but this may vary based on factors like bark type and weather conditions. Regular replenishment is needed in order to maintain appearance and function, as factors like heavy rain, wind and direct sunlight can cause breakdown.

Do bark chippings suppress weeds?

Yes, bark chippings can help suppress weeds by creating a physical barrier that blocks sunlight and hinders weed growth. Additionally, as the bark decomposes, it releases compounds that further inhibit weeds.

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