Climbing Spurs

Browse our range of tree climbing spurs. Climbing spurs or spikes are essential tools for arborists, providing secure footing on vertical or near-vertical tree stems. They enable climbers to gain access, move and position themselves safely while working.

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  1. Tree Hog Climbing Spikes, Aluminium
    4 in stock
    £294.84 £245.70
  2. Bashlin Climbing Spurs
    Out of stock
    £471.85 £393.21
    Out of stock
  3. Panther Spikes Aluminium with Synthetic Strap - middle spike
    3 in stock
    £326.51 £272.09
  4. Panther Spikes Carbon with Velcro Strap - middle spike
    1 in stock
    £449.05 £374.21
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