Moss & Weed Removal Machines

Discover our range of advanced moss and weed removal machines, designed for effortless gardening. Efficiently clear unwanted growth from various surfaces, including lawns, pathways and garden beds. Simplify grounds maintenance with user-friendly tools that elevate any outdoor space. Order now for prompt delivery and transform your landscapes with ease.

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  1. Westermann WKB660 Weed Ripper
    Direct Delivery Item
    £2,380.37 £1,983.64
  2. Westermann WR870 Honda Moss Brush - GXV160 Engine
    2 in stock
    £2,166.20 £1,805.17
  3. Westermann WKB330 Weed Ripper with Petrol Engine
    Direct Delivery Item
    £1,193.24 £994.37
  4. Replacement Brush Head for Westermann Moss Brush, pack of 2
    2 in stock
    £347.04 £289.20
  5. Replacement Brush Set for Westermann Weed Ripper, Set of 12
    22 in stock
    £52.09 £43.41
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