Wolf Garten Multi Change Tools

The Wolf Garten multi change tools range provides a versatile and lightweight solution for tackling a variety of tasks in your garden. This cost effective range gives you everything you need for all garden and grounds maintenance tasks, including lawn care, cultivation and tree care. The patented interchangeable system from Wolf Garten means that your handle becomes a broom, rake or shovel whenever you need it, simply by detaching the tool head and clicking in a new one for different tasks.

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  1. Wolf Multi-Change® Small Handle 35cm
    7 in stock
    £7.74 £6.45
  2. Wolf Multi-Change® Mini Handle 15cm
    9 in stock
    £9.67 £8.06
  3. Wolf Multi-Change® Garden Scraper
    131 in stock
    £11.12 £9.27
  4. Wolf Multi-Change® Small Cultiweeder 7cm
    56 in stock
    £11.12 £9.27
  5. Wolf Multi-Change® Small Sweep Rake 11cm
    17 in stock
    £11.12 £9.27
  6. Wolf Multi-Change® Small Crumbler 7cm
    19 in stock
    £11.12 £9.27
  7. Wolf Multi-Change® Aluminium D-Grip Handle 80cm
    12 in stock
    £12.58 £10.48
  8. Wolf Hand Bulb Planter
    68 in stock
    £13.55 £11.29
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