Extension Leads & RCD Circuit Breakers

We stock a range of Extension Leads and RCD Circuit Breakers. Designed to ensure utmost safety and convenience, these extension leads are equipped with multiple outlets, allowing seamless connectivity for electronic devices. Our RCD circuit breakers provide an additional layer of protection, swiftly detecting any electrical faults and promptly interrupting the circuit to prevent potential hazards. 

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  1. RCD Circuit Breaker Adaptor
    2 in stock
    £20.45 £17.04
  2. Faithful 110V Trailing Lead, 16A, 1.5mm, 14m
    Out of stock
    £35.71 £29.76
  3. Faithful 110V Open Drum Extension Lead, 16A. 1.5mm, 50m
    Out of stock
    £125.27 £104.39
  4. Extension Lead on open reel, 50m
    7 in stock
    £105.80 £88.17
  5. 25m Extension Lead on Open Reel
    7 in stock
    £54.73 £45.61
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