Armorgard OxBox Range

The Armorgard Oxbox™ is a medium duty range of tool storage vaults designed for use where budget is a consideration without wanting to compromise quality; Oxbox™ has many premium features including locks, hinges, gas struts and paint finish, while its unique ‘folded’ construction delivers outstanding strength. Available in 6 sizes and offers dependable, cost-effective security for your tools.

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  1. Armorgard OxBox Van Box OX05
    Direct Delivery Item
    £233.33 £194.44
  2. Armorgard OxBox Van Box OX1
    Direct Delivery Item
    £280.08 £233.40
  3. Armorgard OxBox Truck Box OX2
    Out of stock
    £398.76 £332.30
  4. Armorgard OxBox Site Box OX3
    Direct Delivery Item
    £538.80 £449.00
  5. Armorgard OxBox Truck Box OX6
    Direct Delivery Item
    £654.60 £545.50
  6. Armorgard OxBox Site Chest OX4
    Direct Delivery Item
    £1,110.60 £925.50
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