Armorgard Forma-Stor Walk-In Range

Quick-assembly, COSHH compliant, modular storage units purpose-designed for safe storage of hazardous substances on site.

Flat-packed - these Forma-Stor COSHH units can be constructed in around 10 minutes and can be moved easily using built-in forklift pockets or crane lifting eyes. Galvanised panels fasten neatly together to provide a robust, weatherproof store that can be configured in numerous ways and sizes, starting from just 1m x 2m. Several HSE features have been carefully designed to enable contractors to meet COSHH regulations on-site. 30-min fire resistance, air vents and a fully welded sump to prevent leaks into the environment are included as standard. With theft on the increase, unrivalled security features also include 5-lever deadlocks and jemmy-proof joins.

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  1. Armorgard 4m COSHH Forma-Stor FR400C
    Direct Delivery Item
    £5,944.97 £4,954.14
  2. Armorgard 3m COSHH Forma-Stor FR300C
    Direct Delivery Item
    £5,177.58 £4,314.65
  3. Armorgard 2m COSHH Forma-Stor FR200C
    Direct Delivery Item
    £4,411.72 £3,676.43
  4. Armorgard 1m COSHH Forma-Stor FR100C
    Direct Delivery Item
    £3,673.38 £3,061.15
  5. Armorgard Forma-Stor BlokkaBar 10mm Steel Bar
    Direct Delivery Item
    £311.66 £259.72
  6. Armorgard Forma-Stor Lighting Kit - 230V
    Direct Delivery Item
    £299.59 £249.66
  7. Armorgard Forma-Stor Lighting Kit -110V
    Direct Delivery Item
    £299.59 £249.66
  8. Armorgard Forma-Stor Ramp 1 Tonne Weight Load
    Direct Delivery Item
    £256.91 £214.09
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