Key Safes & Cabinets

At Tudor we stock key safe cabinets designed to provide utmost security and convenience. Constructed with premium materials, these cabinets boast a robust and durable build, ensuring long-lasting performance and preventing break-ins. Equipped with a secure locking mechanism, they offer a reliable solution for safeguarding your valuable keys and keeping your business assets secure. 

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  1. Key Rings - pack of 50
    4 in stock
    £7.98 £6.65
  2. Wall-mounted Key-Safe Cabinet, 20 key
    4 in stock
    £28.27 £23.56
  3. Wall-mounted Key-Safe Cabinet, 48 key
    Out of stock
    £40.32 £33.60
  4. Sealey Electronic Key Cabinet 25 Key Capacity
    Direct Delivery Item
    £185.17 £154.31
  5. Sealey Electronic Key Cabinet 100 Key Capacity
    Direct Delivery Item
    £239.52 £199.60
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