Tarpaulin Sheets & Skip Nets

Our range of tarpaulin sheets and skip nets come in a range of sizes and materials to suit your waste management needs. Whether that's larger 20m x 12m waterproof polyethylene sheets with reinforced edges, heavy-weight, durable and water resistant sheets, closed mesh skips nets or breathable sheets for tarmac, we stock solutions to suit your needs. 

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  1. Polyethylene Tarpaulin Sheet, 12ft x 9ft (3.6m x 2.75m)
    75 in stock
    £5.03 £4.19
  2. Polyethylene Tarpaulin Sheet, 18ft x 12ft (5.4m x 3.6m)
    69 in stock
    £10.12 £8.43
  3. Polyethylene Tarpaulin Sheet, 24ft x 18ft (7.0m x 5.4m)
    37 in stock
    £18.68 £15.57
  4. Skip Net, 12ft x 9ft - closed mesh, standard duty c/w rope ties
    157 in stock
    £47.40 £39.50
  5. Jute Tarpaulin Sheet, 12ft x 9ft
    4 in stock
    £57.42 £47.85
  6. Polyethylene Tarpaulin Sheet, 30ft x 46ft (9m x 14m)
    6 in stock
    £64.72 £53.93
  7. Skip Net, 15ft x 9ft closed mesh, standard duty c/w rope ties.
    Out of stock
    £66.72 £55.60
  8. Polyethylene Tarpaulin Sheet, 40ft x 66ft (12m x 20m)
    7 in stock
    £106.20 £88.50
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