Travelling Sprinklers

We offer a concise but roust range of travelling sprinklers for your professional irrigating jobs. The Rollcart / Tracker travelling sprinkler moves and irrigates independently. Used mainly for large sized green areas, sport fields, nurseries and gardens. The Rainmobile Turbo Travelling Sprinkler is great for uphill use due to its heavy metal construction and self propelled water pressure drives. 

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  1. Rain Train Travelling Sprinkler
    1 in stock
    £258.60 £215.50
  2. Rainmobile Turbo Travelling Sprinkler
    Out of stock
    £2,107.51 £1,756.26
  3. Perrot Rollcart-V Travelling Sprinkler
    Out of stock
    £2,333.47 £1,944.56
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