Felling Wedges & Splitters

Tree felling wedges are a must-have tool for the professional arborist to aid and control the felling of trees. Available in an array of shapes and sizes, choose heavy duty aluminium wedges for splitting logs or lightweight wedges to fell trees safely. Browse our full range of tree felling wedges and splitters, all built for high performance applications and manufactured by leading brands you can trust.

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  1. Diamond Splitting Grenade
    6 in stock
    £16.06 £13.38
  2. STIHL Aluminium Chain Saw Felling Wedge
    9 in stock
    £35.63 £29.69
  3. Plastic Felling Wedge, 12inch
    9 in stock
    £16.69 £13.91
  4. Plastic Felling Wedge, 5½inch
    14 in stock
    £6.96 £5.80
  5. Plastic Felling Wedge, 8inch
    19 in stock
    £8.33 £6.94
  6. Plastic Felling Wedge, 10inch
    9 in stock
    £12.66 £10.55
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