Eye Wash Kits

Tudor stock a range of first aid eye wash products to provide immediate relief and care for ocular emergencies with a gentle yet effective formula, ensuring optimal cleansing and soothing. These eyes wash kits are rigorously tested and approved by medical professionals, guaranteeing their efficacy and reliability. Suitable for any environment that deals with hazardous materials. 

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  1. Eyewash Boxed Station, 2 x 500ml
    26 in stock
    £13.80 £11.50
  2. Sterile Saline Eyewash Bottle, 500ml bottle
    71 in stock
    £3.84 £3.20
  3. Eyewash Station c/w 2 x bottles eyewash
    19 in stock
    £15.90 £13.25
  4. Sterile Saline Eyewash Pods, Pack of 25 x 20ml pod
    117 in stock
    £8.88 £7.40
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