Brushcutter Harnesses

Ergonomically devised in order to improve range of movement and maximise balance, a brushcutter harness ensures that the machine is more easily manoeuvrable, giving you greater control when using it. With both light duty and heavy duty products on offer, you're sure to find something right for you on our online store.

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  1. STIHL Brushcutter Basic Harness, single shoulder
    21 in stock
    £9.10 £7.58
  2. STIHL Double Shoulder Brushcutter Harness, Heavy-Duty
    97 in stock
    £73.00 £60.83
  3. Oregon Brushcutter Harness - Light Duty
    37 in stock
    £51.88 £43.23
  4. Oregon Brushcutter Harness - Heavy Duty
    56 in stock
    £43.66 £36.38
  5. Husqvarna Balance XT2 Harness
    4 in stock
    £148.61 £123.84
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