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Shop our range of tripod ladders for sale from leading brands including Henchman and Hendon. A tripod ladder has three legs instead of four and a wide base with spread-out legs, which helps it stay steady on sloped or uneven surfaces and particularly useful when undertaking hedge trimming work. These tripod step ladders are ideal for professional use thanks to their adjustable legs, strong aluminium construction and stable design.

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  1. Hendon Standard Tripod Step Ladder, 1.2m, 4 Tread
    Direct Delivery Item
    £199.99 £166.66
  2. Hendon Standard Tripod Step Ladder, 1.8m, 6 Tread
    Direct Delivery Item
    £230.00 £191.67
  3. Hendon Standard Tripod Step Ladder, 2.4m, 8 Tread
    Direct Delivery Item
    £295.00 £245.83
  4. Henchman Tripod Ladder - 3 adjustable legs, 2.4m, 5 tread
    Direct Delivery Item
    £399.00 £332.50
  5. Hendon Standard Tripod Step Ladder, 3.0m, 10 Tread
    Direct Delivery Item
    £355.00 £295.83
  6. Hendon Standard Tripod Step Ladder, 3.6m, 12 Tread
    Direct Delivery Item
    £405.00 £337.50
  7. Hendon Standard Tripod Step Ladder, 4.2m, 14 Tread
    Direct Delivery Item
    £495.00 £412.50
  8. Hendon Standard Tripod Step Ladder, 4.8m, 16 Tread
    Direct Delivery Item
    £575.00 £479.17
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What is a tripod ladder?

A tripod ladder is a three-legged tool designed for gardening tasks like trimming hedges and pruning trees. They offer stability on uneven surfaces and are made of lightweight but strong aluminium. Tripod step ladders are safe and can be used with non-slip rubber feet on hard surfaces. Their unique design allows for easy positioning close to the work area, reducing the need to overreach.

Are tripod step ladders safe?

Yes, tripod step ladders are safe to use and offer both strength and stability, especially for working at heights. Their main purpose is that they are safer on uneven ground. hence their suitability of use in the garden. Their three-legged design and wide base ensure a sturdy foundation, minimising wobbling. When equipped with rubber feet, tripod ladders can be safely used on hard surfaces like concrete.

What size tripod ladder do I need?

Choose a tripod ladder size based on the height of your task. For hedge cutting, match the ladder height to the hedge height. Aim for a ladder that allows your clipping tool to reach waist to chest height, typically around 6ft to 8ft.

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