Traffic Cones & No Waiting Cones

Safety cones are essential for effectively alerting and managing traffic, minimising the likelihood of accidents. Designed to serve various purposes, including redirecting, blocking or slowing down traffic, we provide a wide range of traffic cones and no waiting cones. Our traffic cones are available in sizes of 50cm and 75cm, equipped with seal bright sleeves to ensure optimal visibility. Our no waiting cones are designed to be equally bright and visible from afar, facilitating efficient traffic management.

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  1. 75cm (30inch) Dominator Road Cone with Sealbrite Sleeve
    163 in stock
    £15.64 £13.03
  2. 50cm (20inch) Dominator Road Cone with Sealbrite Sleeve
    Out of stock
    £10.20 £8.50
  3. MK5 2 Part 'No Waiting' Cone
    46 in stock
    £13.48 £11.23
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