Pro-Flora Wildflower Range

Why choose Pro Flora Wild Flower Mixtures?

Wild flowers have long played a key role in site regenerations and landscaping projects, bringing biodiversity to urban environments, as well as domestic or public green spaces. The inclusion of wild flower is a great step in improving levels of engagement and interaction with the environment. Not only are wild flowers great at improving visual diversity, they are vital for conservation and can help to improve filtration rates and profiles below the ground – aiding in the formation of new habitats.

What to expect when establishing Pro Flora wild flowers seeds.

  • After sowing your wildflower seeds, during the first year of growth the establishment of the sward is expected to be slow, this is normal and in actual fact good from a wildflower establishment point of view.
  • The idea is to develop a sparse open grass sward first which will allow light and oxygen into the base of the sword to help the establishment of all species, this is one of the reasons for the low sowing rate.
  • During this first year we suggest a maintenance programme of regular light watering if required and cutting every couple of months to keep the sward open and discourage larger species from dominating the sward, this will also aid with smoothing out development of all species.
  • This will enable the wildflower to establish faster in the following years, some species will need to go through a winter of frosts to crack open the seed shells, this will mean more wildflowers will begin to establish in the following years.
  • Where wildflower meadows naturally establish these evolve over hundreds of years, so creating a wildflower area from scratch should be considered as a long-term project.
  • After several years the wildflowers will begin to produce a good show of colour which will only get better over time, ongoing maintenance should involve cutting/mowing after the flowering period each year to encourage a healthy sword and continued flowering for the following season.

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  1. Pro-Flora 110 Economy General Purpose Mix with Annuals, 1kg
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  2. Pro-Flora 10 General Purpose plus Annuals, Wild Flower Mix 1kg
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  3. Pro-Flora 1 Cornfield Annuals, Wild Flower Mix, 1kg
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  4. Pro-Flora 9 Heritage General Purpose, Wild Flower Mix, 1kg
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  5. Pro-Flora 8 Legacy General Purpose, Wild Flower Mix, 1kg
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  6. Pro-Flora 15 Pollinator, Wild Flower Mix, 1kg
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  7. Pro-Flora 16 Coastal, Wild Flower Mix, 1kg
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  8. Pro-Flora 14 Tall Herb and Tussock, Wild Flower Mix, 1kg
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