Cycle Hoops & Holders

Cycle hoops give cyclists peace of mind by keeping their bikes secure from theft. Designed to securely lock bike wheels or frames to the stand, they provide quick and easy protection, perfect for outdoor locations like offices, shopping centres, schools and universities. With strong materials and anti-corrosive finishes, these cycle hoops feature tamper-proof designs and comprehensive locking options, guaranteeing maximum security for your bicycles. Plus, they're simple to install, whether wall mounted, bolted down or concreted into the floor.

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  1. Cycle Rack - hoop style, concrete-in, galv finish
    Direct Delivery Item
    £81.80 £68.17
  2. Cycle Rack - hoop style, concrete-in, black finish
    Direct Delivery Item
    £102.96 £85.80
  3. Cycle Rack - hoop style, bolt-down, galv finish
    Direct Delivery Item
    £87.02 £72.52
  4. Cycle Rack - hoop style, bolt-down, black finish
    Direct Delivery Item
    £107.12 £89.27
  5. Cycle Holder - wall-mounted 90° type
    Direct Delivery Item
    £51.00 £42.50
  6. Cycle Holder - wall-mounted 45° type
    Direct Delivery Item
    £51.00 £42.50
  7. Cycle Holder - floor mounted, concrete-in
    Direct Delivery Item
    £47.77 £39.81
  8. Cycle Holder - floor mounted, bolt down
    Out of stock
    £59.76 £49.80
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