Spiral Tree Guards

Protect young trees from browsing animals and harsh weather conditions with our range of spiral tree guards. These professional-grade guards offer a reliable and effective solution for tree protection during their vulnerable early growth stages. The spiral design allows for easy installation and flexibility, adapting to the tree's natural growth. Safeguard your trees with our selection of high-quality spiral tree guards, ensuring their healthy development and longevity in any environment.

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  1. Spiral Tree Guard, 600mm (24inch) high, brown
    3218 in stock
    £0.55 £0.46
  2. Spiral Tree Guard, 450mm (18inch) high, brown
    7024 in stock
    £0.49 £0.41
  3. Rainbow Bio-II Spiral Tree Guards, 750mm (30inch) High, Green
    1369 in stock
    £1.55 £1.29
  4. Rainbow Bio-II Spiral Tree Guards, 600mm (24inch) High, Green
    1273 in stock
    £1.26 £1.05
  5. Rainbow Bio-II Spiral Tree Guards, 450mm (18inch) High, Green
    177 in stock
    £1.01 £0.84
  6. Tubex Easywrap 65, 600mm High, Dia: 50-65mm
    Out of stock
    £0.64 £0.53
  7. Tubex Easywrap 50, 600mm High, Dia: 35-50mm
    29 in stock
    £0.42 £0.35
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