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Protect your landscape and structures with our range of reliable tree root barriers. Our professional-grade root barriers for trees offer an effective system to control and manage root growth, preventing potential damage. Designed to restrict invasive roots, our selection of root barrier systems ensures the stability and longevity of your garden and infrastructure.

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  1. ReRoot Jointing Tape, 10m roll
    Direct Delivery Item
    £71.51 £59.59
  2. ReRoot 2000/RootStop Root Barrier - 600mm x 10m length
    Direct Delivery Item
    £116.99 £97.49
  3. ReRoot 2000/RootStop Root Barrier - 1000mm x 10m length
    Direct Delivery Item
    £170.40 £142.00
  4. ReRoot Ribbed Root Barrier, 1000mm x 10m
    Direct Delivery Item
    £279.17 £232.64
  5. ReRoot Ribbed Root Barrier, 300mm x 10m
    Direct Delivery Item
    £191.98 £159.98
  6. ReRoot Ribbed Root Barrier, 600mm x 10m
    Out of stock
    £207.50 £172.92
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