Arborist Accessories

In addition to our core range of tree surgery and Arborist tools and equipment, we also offer a wide range of smaller tools, essential for any arboriculture project, This includes throw lines, throw line cubes, throw line bags, STIHL leather tools belts, and Petzl Sparta knives so you can ensure you can complete your tree felling task efficiently. 

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  1. STIHL Leather Tool Belt
    3 in stock
    £21.29 £17.74
  2. Stein Throw Line Cube
    9 in stock
    £49.06 £40.88
  3. Throw Line, 2mm x 50m
    25 in stock
    £15.11 £12.59
  4. Treehog Throw Bag, 340g
    7 in stock
    £16.20 £13.50
  5. Petzl Jet Throw Bag, 300g
    2 in stock
    £27.26 £22.72
  6. Petzl Spatha Knife
    13 in stock
    £32.77 £27.31
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