Hose Trolleys

We stock compact hose trolleys that are heavy-duty and easily manoeuvrable. These are great hose trolleys for demanding situations or large estates if you're a professional groundkeeper carrying out an irrigation job. The strong metal frames make them long-lasting and super durable, but also ideal for uneven grounds and large carrying capacities. 

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  1. Hose Trolley replacement wheel (fits HT1, HT4)
    4 in stock
    £67.13 £55.94
  2. Hose Trolley - heavy duty
    3 in stock
    £573.25 £477.71
  3. Hozelock 2434 Assembled Hose Cart & 30m of 12.5mm Hose
    9 in stock
    £64.99 £54.16
  4. Hose Trolley - medium duty with ¾inch hose connector
    Out of stock
    £166.36 £138.63
  5. Hose Trolley - medium duty with ½inch hose connector
    Out of stock
    £166.36 £138.63
  6. Haemmerlin 4-wheeled Hose Trolley with ¾inch hose connector
    2 in stock
    £348.60 £290.50
  7. Haemmerlin 4-wheeled Hose Trolley with ½inch hose connector
    2 in stock
    £348.60 £290.50
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