MossOff Chemical-Free Multi-Surface, 5 L

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MossOff® is a natural non-chemical treatment that is COMPLETELY SAFE to use near people, animals, plants and ponds. It dries to form an invisible biodegradable micro-coating that stops moss growth. That's why MossOff is completely harmless to other plants.

Where to use MossOff
MossOff® Multi Surface gets moss off any surface - artificial turf, non turf sports surfaces, patios, driveways, wooden decks, garden furniture, fencing, walls, roofs, BBQ covers, awnings etc. To get rid of the moss in your lawn, use MossOff Lawn Care.

When to use MossOff
Whenever you like – MossOff® works all year round. Be patient, it takes slightly longer to work than harsh chemicals but it's kinder to the environment and gives natural, long term protection.

MossOff Chemical-Free is a concentrate liquid, when diluted is spayed on and dries to form an invisible biodegradable micro-coating that stops moss and algae growth DEAD. Moss and Algae have no roots so as the invisible biodegradable micro-coating of MossOff Chemical-Free dries, it "cuts off" air supply and access to nutrients causing the Moss or Algae to die. Grass, plants and trees have roots, so therefore are not affected by MossOff Chemical-Free. Moss treated with MossOff Chemical-Free Lawn Care will go brown and become brittle as it dies, resulting in the dead moss naturally composting back in the soil. 5 litre bottle

For best results this product should be applied:

  • Using a knapsack sprayer with deflector nozzle
  • Or watering can with sprinkle bar
  • On dry moss on a dry day with no rain within 24 hours
  • Left for 7-10 days to react and kill moss
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