MossOff Chemical-Free Lawn Care, 5 L

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MossOff® is a natural non-chemical treatment that is COMPLETELY SAFE to use near people, animals, plants and ponds. It dries to form an invisible biodegradable micro-coating that stops moss growth. That's why MossOff is completely harmless to other plants.

This award winning moss and algae remover is an environmentally friendly solution to moss and algae as it is 100% chemical free. Apply MossOff Lawn Care wherever you see moss in your lawn. Just mix with water

  • Chemical free and safe for Children, Pets, Plants and Pond Life
  • Dries to form invisible biodegradable micro coating
  • Effective, Easy to use and Long-lasting
  • Non Biocide - Out performs Chemicials 
  • Prevents short term re growth
    • 5 litre bottle.

For best results this product should be applied:-

How to use MossOff
THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT – Only apply on a rain-free day as MossOff must dry completely to work. If it rains, reapply later.
1. Shake the bottle well and dilute with water according to the tables.
2. Mix thoroughly.
3. For best results use a sprayer. Wet the surface or moss well and rinse sprayer and nozzle when finished.

UseParts MossOffParts WaterArea Coverage
Heavy Growth (spot treat)13140m²
Light Growth (general treat)15210m²

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