Roundup ProActive 360 Total Herbicide, 5 ltr

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Very popular Round Up total weedkiller for the control of emerged weeds in industrial, amenity, forestry & aquatic areas. Apply by sprayer or weedwiper.

Benefits include:

  • Unique Biactive formulation gets more glyphosate into weeds with highest levels of performance.
  • Superior control of difficult perennial weeds.
  • Excellent rainfastness (1-4 hours depending on the type of weed).
  • Quickly degrades in the soil after application.
  • No ‘harmful’ hazard classification.

5 litre bottle.

 MAPP No. 17380 

Area of Use / Situation

Max Individual Dose Application Rate

Knapsack Sprayer Rate

Amenity vegetation, natural, hard surfaces etc.

5 ltrs / hectare

250ml in 10 litres of water*

Enclosed and open waters and land by aquatic areas

6 ltrs / hectare

300ml in 10 litres of water*


10 ltrs / hectare

500ml in 10 litres of water*


200ml per ltr of water


* Based on 200 ltrs of water per hectare.

Contains 360g/ltr glyphosate.


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